People on the tube

This blog is intended as a celebration of life on the London Underground. It does not aim to mock, make fun of or objectify people. It's just a bit of fun. Because the people who take pictures for the blog often don't ask permission, there may be an occasion where you see yourself in a post. If you would prefer not to be featured on the blog, please email and let us know. People on the Tube is to be enjoyed, and if that means taking down some pictures every now and then, then we are happy to do that. If you have a picture of people on the tube that you'd like to submit, send it to Enjoy.
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Another gem from the folks at Angel, taken a few days ago.

Rob stumbled across the same sleepy commuter on two different days. 

Classic person-sleeping-on-the-tube from @hazeloakleigh

"We spotted this guy who had the whole carriage captivated with his huge dog which he said was ‘half wolf’. He took the opportunity to flirt with the two girls on his left and then got off a couple of stops later." Taken by Morag on the Central line.

More #onedaywatch from @hazeloakleigh

The Polite North American Goth, lesser spotted on the tube. From Matt.

"Ex-Apprentice Ben Clarke pretends not to notice us papping, but strikes a pose anyway." From @joshgardner

More #onedaywatch from @hazeloakleigh.

Who me? Oh, nothing. Just chilling out. Thought I’d kick off m’shoes. From Dan.

Somewhere along the Northern line someone is drunk and going to town on their new broadband connection.