People on the tube

This blog is intended as a celebration of life on the London Underground. It does not aim to mock, make fun of or objectify people. It's just a bit of fun. Because the people who take pictures for the blog often don't ask permission, there may be an occasion where you see yourself in a post. If you would prefer not to be featured on the blog, please email and let us know. People on the Tube is to be enjoyed, and if that means taking down some pictures every now and then, then we are happy to do that. If you have a picture of people on the tube that you'd like to submit, send it to Enjoy.
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Swapping crossword answers on the Northern Line from @blonde_m, who apologises for the shakey picture, but she was nearly rumbled by the guy on the left.

Classic person-sleeping-on-the-tube from @ceripadley.

This reminds me of Beaker from The Muppets. Whenever he got upset he would tuck his head down. This was sent in by @tuckbx

London Underground shoes. I must have them.

Via fuckyeahlondontube.

(via underlondon)

FOUND HIM. From @penvsidiot.

Saturday night on the Northern Line, from @lookyouinnit.

Saturday night on the Northern Line, from @lookyouinnit.

Learning lines on an almost empty carriage. From @hazeloakleigh.

Going walkies at Baker Street. From @hazeloakleigh

"He just looked so disappointed… to have won." Taken by @Brainmage

Oh no!